How do I turn off motion alerts?

I have a ring doorbell. I want to get notified whenever someone rings the doorbell but not when it detects motion. I would like it to still record on motion, just not send me a popup and chime. I included a screenshot of how my settings are set currently and I thought this would be all I had to do but my phone still gets an alert slot of the times. What do I need to change to turn off motion alerts?

I have exactly the same, I do not want motion alerts just because someone is going next-door. I cannot block that door out as it is in the view where someone would stand if at my door. That aside, why I am getting alerts when I have motion alerts off?

I spoke to Ring today, who suggested I reset the doorbell via pressing the orange button for at least 20 seconds. I will give that a go. The other thing I noticed is that when any motion is detected, the doorbell is making a noise outside, so on the feeds, I can see people looking at my doorbell when they go past. I put the sound on and it is chirping… I have no idea why that is happening. I have now put all motion to silent, but I do not think that is ok… If the reset does not work, not sure what to do. But it really cannot be right that it makes a noise outside