HDR switch’s it’s self off

Since latest update I’ve noticed that HDR mode switch’s it’s self off. I switch it on comes up saved then come out of settings by the time you go back in it’s off


Hi @Diamondg1! Can you try removing the app, rebooting your phone, and then reinstalling the Ring app? Normally with a fresh install of the app you shouldn’t have this toggle switch not saving. Give that a try and let us know if you continue to run into this concern.

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Hi tried the reboot and reinstall of app and no luck


Hey @Diamondg1. Do you by any chance have another device you can try this on, such as another phone or a tablet? Sometimes another device can help you edit this settings. You can even try it from Ring.com. If neither of these options are working, it may be best to reach out to support team at 1-800-656-1918.

Same, still happening on iPad and iPhone. Also several people are reporting this same bug on reddit. https://reddit.com/r/Ring/comments/eji0e7/ring_doorbell_hdr_setting_wont_save/


@tawoody Thank you for this! I will make sure to pass this onto the appropriate team.

Neighbors, please continue to comment in this thread if you are experiencing the same concern after trying the above troubleshooting so this can be passed on as well!


I am having the same exact issue. I enable HDR in the settings and it shows it is toggled on and saved. Once I leave settings and come back the HDR has been toggled off. This is happening no matter what time of the day. Please help.


Same issue here on my 2 ring door bell cameras!


I have this same issue on iOS. I’ve tried removing the app and redownloading it, still doesn’t work.

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This solution did not work for me. HDR setting continues to turn itself off shortly after I turn it on and receiving “saved” response.

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I also have this issue. I’m not sure if it has a anything to do with the new Screen Capture which I turned on. I hope RING has a fix soon.

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I do not have the screen capture option turned on and I still have the HDR issue.

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Having the same issue! I hope Ring looks into this with more urgency.

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I am having the same issue. Ring Doorbell 2 (Battery Version). I have tried on 2 iPhones and 1 iPad. App has been deleted and reinstalled with no results.

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Same issue as well - Iphone, Ipad - this has been going on for quite awhile - any fixes in the works as of yet ? Thanks in advance if it’s being worked on !

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Same here. Ring Doorbell 2 (battery), iOS (iPhone, iPad).

I am having the same exact issue and, being a new customer, find this disappointing that this hasn’t been resolved. I have tried ALL of the recommended fixes, to no avail. What’s up?

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I’ve noticed it will stay on longer if I leave the Ring app open/active, but once I close out the app, it turns off immediately.

Yes, me too. It’s annoying. Someone said that it “stays on” s long as the app remains open. Yes, the toggle stays on, but the video quality remains low. This is def a bug. I was on the phone with a ring tech for 45 min. She had no idea. I would never have purchased a Ring HDR if I knew that the HDR world’s never work.

Yeah, I’ve chatting with their support twice and they didn’t really seem to care. I sent them a video and even debugged the issue and sent them the error log (I’m a developer). No response. I’m switching to nest.