Email notification

Please check and let me know if you receive ‘Email” Notification when you are opening or closing your doors or windows, that are not associated with Disarming or Arming your system?

Hey @jwin! The Alarm email alerts can be controlled and customized within the Ring app. Please visit the app, open the menu, select Settings and then select Alarm Alerts where you can enable email alerts for a number of Alarm events. There is also an option to receive push notifications for these events. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

I have the alarm system but don’t receive E-mail notification when the door or window open or close only when I arm or disarm the system.

I do receive all push notification regarding anything going on with the alarm including the door/window opening or closed, but not for the E-mail notification.

The app is set up for alerts on both the push and email notification for all events, but I dont’ receive the email alerts when the door is opening or closing

Thank you for clarifying further @jwin! I see now in your original post you were asking about open/ close email notifications specifically. While open/ closed is not a email alert option at this time, entry delay is. This means if your Alarm is armed in a mode and the entry delay is triggered, an email alert will be sent. Keep in mind a motion sensor could set off an entry delay as well, so this may not be exactly what you are looking for.

We are always looking to add to and improve our neighbors’ experiences! Consider this feedback shared with the team for future consideration of open/ closed email alerts. :slight_smile: