Doorbell pro installation help

My Ring Pro was installed when the home was build and there is no existing chime. It is wired to the transformer directly. It worked fine for about 20 months then shorted the transformer when the doorbell button was pushed. I replace the transformer with a 16v - 30 like the original. The video feed worked fine and connected right to wifi. As soon as the doorbell button was pushed it blew another transformer. Ring is sending a replacement doorbell. Do I need a resistor in the wire leading to the transformer? [Original did not have one.] Does the wire to the transformer and the doorbell wire posts have a specific location/order to connect?

Hi @FangStang. You do not install a resistor with a Ring Chime Pro, but you need to ensure that the Pro Power Kit is properly installed. Review the instructions on how to install the Pro Power Kit in our Help Center article here. Additionally, you can find the installation instructions for the Doorbell Pro itself here. If you have further questions, I recommend consulting with a qualified electrician to ensure the wiring is safely handled.