doorbell alerts from cameras

Hi Everyone,

Bit of a random one, I seem to 2 or 3 times a week get a doorbell alert from my cameras.

I have a doorbell that no one has touched but a camera from my property gives me a door bell alert!

The picture I’ve attached shows a missed ring from 25 March from “Garage Door” but the list of devices clearly shows garage door as a camera not a doorbell!

Any ideas?

Hey @DP191, do you have the devices set up through the Linked Devices feature? If this is the case, it may be the reason why when you miss a Ring on the Doorbell, it then records on the Camera. Additionally, do you see Missed Ring notifications in the Ring app on your phone or tablet? If you only see these Missed Rings on your PC app, please try removing the app from your PC, restart your PC and then reinstall the app to see if these still show up. Let me know how this goes!