Decode 2017 saved video datetime stamp/code?

I saved several Ring Pro video doorbell clips from both the app and website in fall 2017. I have no datetime stamp on the video itself, but do have a unique 19-digit number associated with each file saved.


2017.09.02 - 6461287472267125339.mp4,

2017.09.03 - 6461578108409078363.mp4

2017.09.04 - 6461939989468537435.mp4

2017.09.18 - 6467251936300753499.mp4

I have tried various online datetime converters (Epoch time, time since year 0001, etc…), but nothing returns correct datetime.

Does anyone know if these 19-digit numbers can be decoded into human-readable datetime or are they just unique IDs used in Ring’s databases?

Hey @mikronn. I’ve checked with my teams here, and it looks like those numbers are ding ID’s. These are just randomly generated and unique numbers our system assigned that video. There is nothing more to decode from the numbers, so I apologize that the hunt ends here. I hope this clears it up for you! :slight_smile:

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