Best home mesh network with Ring Devices (Users)

Curious to know which of the current home mesh networks people are currently using with their ring devices. Looking for people to rate their home wifi; good or back, that are using a mesh network.

I currently have a Google Nest AC2200 Mesh Router and 2 Add-on Points.

The Good: I have the hub hardwired in my basement with a respective access points on the first and second floors. I have many devices connected without any problem other than my Ring Devices.

The bad: The front doorbell camera (Ring 2) and side door camera (Spotlight Camera) have constant connectivity issues. If I reset the entire Google Nest, not via the app but physically unplugging and reseting, I get a good connection but will typically only last a few days before becoming problematic again. Each is connected 2.4 GHz and to an access point.

I also weirdly have a dead spot (for general use wifi) in my kitchen not too far from an access point.

Trying to figure out if switching to a different make i.e. Linksys, Netgear, TP-Link, etc will be better with my Ring Devices. Sure we all feel the frustration when our electronics are not working as they should.

All feedback welcome. Thanks

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+1 Iā€™m curious as well. Anybody? Please?

I also have the gen 2 Google mesh network. I have 6 cams, 2 doorbells, security base with 12 door/window sensors, 2 motion detectors, range extender for the base, 5 fire/CO2 sensors and I have a bridge with 4 path lights. And works great.