Alarm Feature Request

The ability to arm the alarm I’m away mode with the front door open and using the exit delay to exit home and when the front door closes that sensor will still be monitored.

Yes, its integration with 3rd party equipment, and with their own is definitely a weakness.

An approach that I have taken to achieve what you suggest is using IFTTT.

Exactly definitely need the ability to schedule lights and outlets to turn on daily at a specific time or for example during the holidays.

I’m still using my smartthings hub from Samsung for the time being to do this…

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We need to see some movement on water and flood sensor’s temperature range and sensing.

By limiting to freezing you’re not serving 60% of the planet who are more concerned with HI Temp and mold consequences than freezing

I’d love to buy this product but my install is in Florida and alarming at 40f isn’t valuable…

Water and hi temp? Very valuable

I know it has been requested multiple times, but IFTTT support for the alarm would be great. I understand the security implications of having routines activate or deactivate the system, but I could really utilize functions on the IF side.


IF the bedroom windows are open, turn the thermostat _heat/cool off, _turn the fresh air intake fan on (seperate timer controller than the thermostat for my home).

(We like to have the upstairs windows open for fresh air when the weather is nice.)

IF the Ring Alarm is in armed away, change the thermostat to away mode.

I can’t do these through Alexa routines “yet” because the output functions are still very limited for the Ecobee. IFTTT has the best output/THEN for my thermostat but Alexa has the best Ring inputs/IF. Wish they could both get on the same page.

Have you looked into SimpleCommands? Their service is quite useful for IFTTT like configurations. I doubt we will ever see much more integration from Ring to third party devices.

my hope is - that like Samsung - they adjust their own offering - MUCH preferred to 3rd party integration…

hoping someone wakes up and realizes ‘freezing’ alarms only are freezing them out of the majority of the world market…

Annoyingly simplecommands is not available in the uk.

Mute alexa announcements when ring alerts are in snooze would be nice.

I tried it, but unfortunately it doesn’t have the modes for the Ecobee for sleep/home/away. just off/on/auto. Annoying. IFTTT, Alexa, and SimpleCommands all have a piece of the puzzle but none have the hole package.

I have owned my ring alarm for a day. Initial feedback - the indoor video camera is going off non stop. You should add geofencing or support 3rd party cameras like Arlo that have geo-fencing. You have first alert smoke detectors. The $10 dollar price point is nice but lack of geofencing is aggravating and will probably result in a return of the alarm and cameras until you get it. Any plans or eta?

I was going to sell my arlo and get 5 cameras (two outdoor). There is a vast market share you are missing out on. Geofence Garage door openers that close when armed . That is why I got an alarm in the first place when I bought my house. To manage the garage look at cameras to make sure it closed …

Thanks fir reading this post.

First and foremost Geofencing - indoor cameras off when I am home “enable” during specific times vs. just disable. Record upon alarm breach. Secondly SmartThings integrations utilize my existing leak detectors lights etc. Smart garage opener with geofencing - auto open close garage during the hours of when detecting my presence. Faub or phone detection to disarm and unlock doors with voice - or some 2 factor authentication.

The keypad should indicate when a garage door/back door/etc is open WITHOUT having to look at your phone app. It could be as simple as the BLUE DISARMED LED flash, etc. A quick glance at the Keypad would provide the confidence that all is closed.


Are there any plans to integrate with Honeywell thermostats like the T10? Specifically it would make sense to have Ring Alarm trigger modes like vacation mode on the T10 when leaving for extended periods of time. It doesn’t appear that there’s any way to do this with IFTTT or any kind of technology bridge as well.

All other alarm systems i’ve used have an entry delay sound that is a loud CHIRP that echoes through the house. Its unmistakeable. The Ring Alarm sound even at high volume is very quiet and “low” so not easy to notice.

Can we get a loud chrip instead of a low non-specific sound? With individually adjustable volume?

  1. Disable voice feedback from the Alarm. My family does not like “talking” devices in the home. Presently the only way to disable the voice is to turn down the volume which then has the consequence of also silencing the entry warning beeps.

  2. Option to disable the LED light on the Keypad while charging. For installs with continuous power to the keypad, that bright green “charging” LED stays lit all the time. I love how so many other of the devices have the ability to turn down/off the brightness; this is another spot to do the same.


I find the schedule access control of my lock to be insufficient. It appears you can only enable a time range on certain days.

The feature should allow a time range which the code is valid as well. This is typical when you have guests staying a certain time frame.

I installed a ring alarm and the base is mounted on the wall right next to my doorbell chime. That’s the only place I could place it and those two devices look awful next to eachother.

If i could get rid of the doorbel chime it would be great.

Creating a Button that simple rings a sound on the base when pressed wouldn’t be too hard to make. no different than a door sensor.

I already have cameras and don’t need the ring doorbell, which is also not able to play sounds off the ring base.

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I know it’s been requested several times but how about some integration for when the alarm is set off. When the alarm goes off if we had a routine, we could use the Alexa app or use the Ring app to turn on a plug/light etc. I have purchased the ring lighting bridge becaus eI thought it would turn on lights on alarm trigger, which it does not. Also wanted to hook up an external siren to the low voltage transformer. The transformer runs the siren fine, but without the app signalling the plug or transformer to turn on, it won’t activate the siren or turn on the alarm lights. Seems should be a simple issue, but just doesn’t function. Either add to the lighting transformer only for external use or a plug and I can get a smaller transformer. Doesn’t matter which to me, but I do need a usable siren. You already have integration with the dome siren which is supposed to be 120db but it is 120db at 1" Since it has to be installed inside, not really a usable siren. I like the ring alarm system and have since purchased 3 full alarm units, 4 cameras, fire alarm sensors, lots of motion sensors, wireless bridges, smoke alarms, etc. Can’t even tell you how many ring devices I actually have on a couple of different properties, but it’s a lot. This is coming from someone who uses redundant dvrs and has more security camera coverage in their business than a major chain store. The ring cameras are a secondary backup device. also use them at a different location to check on aging adult. Integration with the camera sirens would be good as well.


Hey @ramonm and any other neighbors that had interest in an outdoor sensor. The Ring Alarm Outdoor Contact Sensor is now available for pre-order! Please check out this Ring Community announcement to learn more, and comment on that post to share how you plan to use your’s. Thank you for your feedback and interest in this new device!

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