1st Gen contact sensor disconnecting from network

I have a contact sensor that is doing some strange things. Every so often it just disconnects from the mesh, and I get an alert that the sensor is offline, but even worse, the sensor configuration fully disappears from my system when it happens so I have to re-add it to get it back. Then, last week while I was out of town the sensor tripped the alarm due to “tamper”, but the sensor was not tampered with. In fact I had a family member come over and check on the sensor, he opened the shell and closed it and the tamper alert went away, then came back without reopening the shell. After resetting the tamper alert againit hasn’t happened since, but I can’t have an unreliable sensor.

Worst still, I cannot seem to chat with support about actual problems right now so I don’t know how to even get warranty support on this, or find out of it is even still under warranty (if I recall, since I’m paying for protect+ the system has a lifetime warranty but I’m not sure). What is the process to get support now?

Yes the plan gives you replacements :slight_smile: You will need to call.

May well be a bad tamper switch

From other threads/topics, there might be incompatibility issues when using Mesh and some Ring products?