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ring doorbell 2 community

New Neighbor

Re: ring doorbell 2 community

Hello Marley and Riley,


I have now example files for you! They are made with the latest Android App 3.15.2 which updated today!


The attached ZIPs contains two video files (mp4 filetype was not allowed for posting):


File one shows the recording with timeline feature turned ON:



File two shows the recording with timeline feature turned OFF:



The way I hold my phone is in both recordings absolutely the same in terms of distance, position and loudness of my voice! The only difference is the timline feature (I call it TLF from now on) turned OFF or ON. If ON, the audio is much less louder, and someone in front of the ring speaker cant understand a word... If TLF is OFF, this works much better.


Therefore I would ask you to pass this on to the app engineers, as they have to ability to change the way the app obtains the mic stream.


A second thing where I would ask you to do something, if you are able to: The ring app for Windows 10 does not support my Door View Cam! All other ring devices are supported (as far as I can see), but the Door View Cam is not... Can this be changed as well, please!


Again, thank you very much for your assistance! Please let me know if I can further assist you! Now with the files I hope there should be a solution soon!


Best regards, Markus

New Neighbor

Re: ring doorbell 2 community

Same issue for me. Samsung note 8 update had no effect. Purchased ring 2 weeks ago. Sounds great on cell phone speaker but the person at the door can only hear a faint whisper. I am almost yelling at my end.
Community Manager

Re: ring doorbell 2 community

I can't thank you enough @ML1504 , for your resourcefulness and diligence in getting over these examples. This is exactly the information we like to send over to the team to help them better understand what is occuring. 


In regards to the Door View Cam on Windows 10, we are currently working to bring Door View Cam compatibility to the Ring Windows 10 app. Thank you for your patience.


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New Neighbor

Re: ring doorbell 2 community

It is not just Samsung.  It is iphone as well.  I have an IPhone X.  No audio going from me to the outside guest.


Now I just figured it out for my purposes.  Apparently even though the doorbell rings and I get the live camera shot, until I hit the unmute button on the right and the green phone off hook button on the left is 2 way audio accomplished.   


I just spent WAY TOO LONG on customer service help to not have them help me resolve this and my husband figured it out right away, while at work.   Smh!!!!!


New Neighbor

Re: ring doorbell 2 community

HI Just bought the ring doorbell and first test we noticed the speaker volume is almost unhearable now why did Cnet not put that on their review, Ring can this be fixed with software?

New Neighbor

Re: ring doorbell 2 community

How can this be fixed? I'm thinking of returning for a refund if the speaker volume and the microphone volume can't be turned up
New Neighbor

Re: ring doorbell 2 community

To ajv and JCug:


Without wanting to be rude, but do you have read the whole thread? I guess not...

Otherwise you would know what causes this error and what fix is temporarily available!


The problem occurs almost only if you have a Samsung mobile, and more important: it occurs only (at least for me and a lot of others) when the "timeline event feature" in the Ring app is turend on!


I already made example recordings for ring engineers (see top of this page), and I hope they are working on a fix with high priority!


Until this fix is available (until today it is not), I would strongly reccommend you to turn off timeline event feature, and two way audio (to be more specific: the mic stream from the mobile to the door-unit) is  much improved. 


If you have any other setup (no Samsung phone, timeline feature turned off) and you are experiencing audio problems, please let us know what device(s) you use...


Best regards, Markus


New Neighbor

Re: ring doorbell 2 community

Mine is having same issue.. where it worked totally normal prior. Not sure when this started. Please fix.
New Neighbor

Re: ring doorbell 2 community

Hi DH82,


What exact issue do you experience?

Same as I (mic audio from phone to ring device very bad, but only when timeline feature turned on)? 


What devices do you use? Samsung?


What do you mean with "worked normal"? Your audio was OK although Samsung mobile and timeline feature turned on?

This would be interessting...


If you want that the ring-support is able to help you, you have to provide at least the basic data of your setup and your problem...


@Ring: Are there any news regarding our problem?


Thank you and best regards, Markus

New Neighbor II

Re: ring doorbell 2 community

My iPhone XS MAX and my wife’s iPhone 7 Plus have same volume issue. Sitting side by side we both experience loud volume then low volume randomly.