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Weird Green Orb

New Neighbor

Weird Green Orb

Keeps showing up at night...any thoughts?
New Neighbor II

Re: Weird Green Orb

@Iasunflower wrote:
Keeps showing up at night...any thoughts?

Hi  @Iasunflower  ,


Most mysterious Orbs are actually bugs at night.  They are sometimes attracted by the IR LEDs, that illuminate the area in front of the camera to provide a better Night Vision video, heat from the camera, and even the reflections off your camera's lens.


Here is a good explanation link:


But generally these Orbs move about.  If yours is stationary, then it could be the Night Vision picking up some type of reflection off some surface, causing a "Lens Flare"  (some nearby light can cause a reflection in the lens itself).  As a matter of fact, I noticed that your picture displays a pretty well lit area, and your camera has not even switched into the Night Mode (because you can still see color instead of the grayish display).  Maybe illuminated from a overhead porch light?  Try experimenting and turn off the porch light (and other lights) one-by-one and you may solve the mystery that is causing your Orb.  Your picture looks more like a "Lens Flare" than bugs, especially if you notice your Orb is always in the same place each night (another link, concerning "Lens Flares"):


I hope this information helps you.  I'd be curious to hear what is causing your Orb once you solve it.  LOL   Smiley Happy