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Static(ky), Garbled Audio on Ring Video Doorbell Pro

New Neighbor III

Static(ky), Garbled Audio on Ring Video Doorbell Pro

I installed my Ring Video Doorbell Pro on 12-22-18


Since the installation, I have not used the 2-way Audio feature even once!

So, I do not know if this has always been a problem.


Because of periodic bad Signal Strength (RSSI -80 +/-), I added a Ring Chime Pro yesterday.


That fixed my Signal Strength (now RSSI -42 +/-).


But, while testing the Chime Pro Tones, I tried to communicate with my wife at the Doorbell Pro with me in the Living Room.


The Audio was very Static(ky), very garbled, & unintelligible.

It got a tad better as I spoke over & over & over again - but still horrible.


When I tried later, the exact same thing happenned again, then got a tad better - but still horrible.


I tried it several times over 1 1/2 days with the same horrible results.


I also tried it with me being at the farthest corner of the house.
Although it was a little better, it still was pretty horrible.

I am doing all of this using the Rapid Ring App.


The Chime Pro is in the Foyer.

The Doorbell Pro is on the other side of the Foyer Wall on a Covered Front Porch.

Community Manager

Re: Static(ky), Garbled Audio on Ring Video Doorbell Pro

Hi @DonC, have you tried the two-way talk feature using the regular Ring app? If not that might be a good first step, if that does not change the audio I would suggest calling support as they would be happy to look further at what variable could be causing this audio concern. 

New Neighbor

Re: Static(ky), Garbled Audio on Ring Video Doorbell Pro

I installed a brand new doorbell II pro today and I am having the same audio garbled issue.  I was just testing it with my husband at the door.  his voice was broken, I could barely hear a full sentence and it was the same for him outside.   We are using iPhone 8 with Ring app.  I will call support tomorrow but I want to know if the support was able to resolve this issue reported by DonC.  Can you please share what you had to do to resolve it?  Thank you

New Neighbor III

Re: Static(ky), Garbled Audio on Ring Video Doorbell Pro

I NEVER called Support.

It just cleared up by itself.


NOT sure if that was my problem - but:

Do NOT let your husband have his phone with him when he is on the outside of the door.

Leave his phone in the house - preferably in another room than the one you are in.


Please report back if that fixed your problem.


I am pretty sure my wife had her phone with her on the outside of the door because I remember giving her directions via her phone speaker.

My guess is there was some sort of feedback because of her phone.