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Motion Schedule

New Neighbor

Motion Schedule

I use the motion schedule to avoid annoying people whist I am at work and my phone keeps advising motion.

I have set up my wife to also receive notifications too as shared.

The idea is that if she is home, she can see anyone moving near the door.

The problem is that there is only one calendar, so if I set it to not notify me between 9-5 Mon-Fri. she also does not get notified. 

Surely it cant be difficult to have a calendar that turns off Motion notifications locally on the phone. If I turn off manually its fine and my wife still gets notifications but the scheduler turns notifications to both of us.

Is this fixable?  


Community Moderator

Re: Motion Schedule

Good question @Ian_Spencer! Shared users do not have access to motion settings at this time, motion scheduling included. This is to avoid confusion and keep your main account/ device settings securely in place.


Check out our help center article about using multiple devices and adding shared users to learn more. I recommend utilizing the scheduling on in your app, and have the shared user toggle off the motion alerts manually for their desired times. 


We appreciate you sharing your experience and will share this feedback with our teams! Smiley Happy 

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