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Installation location

New Neighbor

Installation location

I am considering the basic ring doorbell but I am concerned about where to install it.  Specs say motion detected at 5-30 feet.  My walkway is along the front wall of the house and about 4 feet away.  The door is recessed on one side.  Just looking for advice prior to purchase.


I am in arural area and the street is over 30 feet away.


I have made a rough schetch of the house for reference.

Community Moderator

Re: Installation location

Hey @Wally, we are happy to help! For the environment you've described and illustrated, I recommend using our Wedge Kits for mounting. With there being stairs leading up to the Doorbell mounting location, its best to use a wedge for a slightly angled view that will catch approaching visitors much more efficiently. Check out our article for an illustration on how these work best with your property Smiley Happy 

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