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Doorbells Feature Request

New Neighbor

Feature Request for Audio-focused connection

When answering the doorbell from locations where I am not connected to wifi or have a poor connection, the audio suffers and many times I just have the person call me to talk instead of using the ring.  When I have already answered the doorbell request, I don't really need video, as the audio is now the most important part.  I think that it would be nice to switch into an audio only mode so that it would be much easier to talk to the person because of a lower bandwidth of data transfer.  Perhaps, you could continue video, but at a lower resolution or lower update speed, just so that the audio is the main focus.  The user could toggle between the normal video-centric mode and the audio-centric mode based on their need

New Neighbor

Door view Cam issues

Thank you for fixing the (motion toggle radio button).

I think your customer team/ tech team should have more presents on community forum.

However lets try to fix the rest of problems with Door view cam.


1- Could we have more flexible on customising the motion zone, like Floodlight cam, with points rather than slide button


2- At the moment when some one enters on my drive, I don’t get notification until they have left the zone, which makes this facilities useless. there is huge time lag…


3- The knocking facilities never worked for me, either too sensitive or not detection al all, so from day one I have disabled that. To be honest I don’t think any is not that useful sine we have the door bell.


4- recalling videos just been recorded takes roughly about two minutes, which is not acceptable.

All above are software related problems, I was wondering id you consider if you should improve on quality of your tech team.