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Doorbell Pro - 2nd push doesn't work

New Neighbor

Doorbell Pro - 2nd push doesn't work

I installed my new doorbell pro yesterday, and already come across a really annoying issue where the internal Chime and doorbell both chime when the button is pressed, but then there follows around a 30 second period where the doorbell seems to die then re-initialise. I understand on the 1st push it starts recording and sends notifications, but most people will try a 2nd push if the 1st isn't answered fairly quickly... surely this can't be right? If this is normal function, then this is really poor basic fancionality and needs to be addressed urgently.

Community Manager

Re: Doorbell Pro - 2nd push doesn't work

Hey @jdl74. Have you ensured you included the Pro Power Kit in the setup of this device? This could be the reason why your Doorbell is doing this. If you have, send over a picture of how you have it installed with your chime kit, please! Smiley Happy 

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