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Doorbell Pro 2 way audio issue

New Neighbor

Re: Doorbell Pro 2 way audio issue

Having the same mic to doorbell audio on my Nokia 7.1 android 10 yet my wife's HTC 1 and Lenovo android 6 work fine so must be a android 10 problem?? Have reinstalled loads of times, changed ringtones to default even done a mobile factory reset but still nada..any advice greatly appreciated.. thanks..
New Neighbor

Re: Doorbell Pro 2 way audio issue

I have the same echo/quality problems. I saw the thanks to Riley for the solution....but did not see the solution. Could you post it again?


New Neighbor

Re: Doorbell Pro 2 way audio issue

Paddy whack....I had audio feedback issues, with the first unit.
There was a 1 second delay when speaking. your own voice would be repeated back to you on your device.
In addition, outside, a caller would have the same parrot effect on their own voice.

I contacted support who ran through various tests whilst on the phone. This included resetting the unit, the router, the device.
We also tried using device WiFi hot-spot to see if it was the house Internet.
Tried various devices, including android and IOS. All gave same issue.

Advised to send first unit back as probably faulty.

Second unit arrived. Set up following App.
Found no feedback issue.
On personalisation of unit, I found feedback issue as before started.
The only thing I had changed was the ringtone/ notification sound within the app.
I had chosen a song from within my device.

On changing this back to standard sounds, I found the feedback issue disappeared.

At present not had feedback issue since.
Software issue?