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Cars outside motion zone now triggering alerts

New Neighbor

Cars outside motion zone now triggering alerts

I live close to a street that gets a fair bit of traffic. Our house is a double, and we have 2 Ring Doorbells (2) installed by each front door. In the past couple days, we started getting motion alerts for every single car that passes. Our motion detection is on the lowest/closest setting possible, reaching just to the edge of our porch nowhere near the street. The porch is not very high, but I installed the wedge mounts anyway. This happens day and night and is getting really annoying. Also a high crime area, so turning off the alerts would defeat the purpose of having them. I have adjusted the settings multiple times with no luck.

Community Manager

Re: Cars outside motion zone now triggering alerts

Hey @strochthecasbah! You've certainly taken all the proper steps to fine-tune the motion detection in that environment. Great call on using a wedge piece! Other than trial and error with settings, I recommend exploring the addition of another Wedge. As vehicles create a large heat signature they can sometimes be detected. Adding an additional angle or Wedge will help to avoid the roadway, especially from a raised porch surface.

Check out our Community post on how this motion works for a visual on the range of detection. I hope this helps! Smiley Happy 

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