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Cars but no people

New Neighbor

Re: Cars but no people

I shoveled and no capture also. I have no stairs
New Neighbor

Re: Cars but no people

I've made some changes to my configuration that may have helped.


First, I now have a transformer that provides the correct voltage and amperage to the RingDoorBell.  My previous transformer wasn't putting out the voltage or amperage that Ring requires.


I also changed my WiFi antennas.  I had purchased a fancy after market antenna thinking it would boost my signal and extend my range.  But I didn't follow that up by actually measuring the signal strength and rang.  It turns out the MFG provided antenna actually gave me better WiFi coverage.  So my Ring Door Bell may be getting better, more relyable connection.


I still see lots of cars/trucks/vans/etc, and very few people.  But I have seen many instances recently where I have a video of a person coming to the door to drop off a package, or to peak in my window, or to see what brand of Smart Door Bell I have.

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