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Door Sensor Continuously Beeping when door is ope

New Neighbor

Door Sensor Continuously Beeping when door is ope

Just out of the blue one of my ring door sensors is continuously being very few seconds when the door is open. It stops once the door is closes. Didn't change any settings or hardware. Have no idea why it started. Any suggestions is appreciated.
Community Manager

Re: Door Sensor Continuously Beeping when door is ope

It is odd to hear of this happening, @Gobucks05. Thank you for sharing! The Contact Sensor can activate a chirp sound upon door opening, but it should not play repeatedly without being initiated again (closed/ open). When this beep sound happens, is it in the form of a chirp or another sound? I recommend checking Alarm history in your Ring app for any event that might cause a continuous sounds, including a entry/ exit delay countdown. 


A great test if this concern persists, and if possible, is to bring  your Contact Sensor closer to the Base Station and leave open to see if this occurs. This will factor out and signal concerns. I hope this helps! Smiley Happy 

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