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WIRED security cam OFFLINE

New Neighbor

WIRED security cam OFFLINE

Wondered if anyone can help? My wired cam 18months old has decided today to go offline. There is power as lights come on. Every other device conncected to the 2.4ghz wifi are all working. Apparently the device RSSI is on -31.  I have a Chime PRO which is ONLINE but the camera itself .... not working and offline.

Restarted router waited before turning back on

Turned off camera itself waited before turning back on


I did notice at one point the light "under" the camera was on (not flashing) Is there anything else i can try to get the device back online could you advise please? Ta

Community Manager

Re: WIRED security cam OFFLINE

Hey @Brooksy1882, please follow these steps in order to bring your camera back online:
- Open the Ring app and go into the main menu
- Select Devices and then your device that is offline
- Select Device Health and then reconnect to wifi
The app will take you through a process that is similar to the first time setup, and should also prompt you to connect to the Chime Pro network, as long as the Chime Pro is still online. Feel free to update us with the results! Smiley Happy

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