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Stick up cam not consistently activating video

New Neighbor

Stick up cam not consistently activating video

I just put it up today and it didn't work, meaning the video wouldn't activate with movement. After awhile, it worked and the video activated upon movement. Several hours later, not working. Then suddenly, it works again. Just wondering if this is an ongoing issue and I should ditch Ring or not. I have people coming on my property and I need the video to work consistently. Thanks in advance!

Community Manager

Re: Stick up cam not consistently activating video

Hey @ht! Our devices feature customizable motion settings so you can tailor it to the environment, as every area differs from the next. If the detection is not as consistent as you are wanting, it's best to trial and error with the settings until it is optimized for accurate detection.


Please also ensure the motion alerts are toggled on, and there is no motion scheduling that might be preventing notifications. Let me know how this goes! Smiley Happy 

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