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Security Cams Feature Request

New Neighbor

suggestion for new feature

I just got an indoor ring camera to replace my nest cam.

The nest cam uses your phone to turn the camera on and off. I had mine set up so that when I was away the nest cam came on and when I was at home the nest cam turned off.


Can you put this feature on your indoor cameras?

I only want my indoor camera on when I’m away.

This would be very helpful especially when you are in & out of the house on weekends and during the week when you have a day off.


I know you can schedule days & times but when you are in & out that doesn’t work.


Thanks for considering this!!

New Neighbor

Enhancement request Scheduling different Times To Receive Motion Alerts for different motion zones

It would be nice if I can set different  Motion schedules for different motion zones.  For example I don't care during the day if someone is walking on the sidewalk  or driving on the road in front of my house but after 12AM I would like to have that motion zone give alerts. Right now it seems like all the motion zones would be on the same schedule.

New Neighbor

Feature Request: Local Storage of Video Option

I would like to request a feature that would solve some of the video issues - including the "black/blank" videos discussed in another thread. 

It would be great if Ring provided a slot for a memory card in each of thier cameras to store video locally so that if the internet is down for whatever reason, the video is stored locally then uploaded after the internet is back up at some defined level to insure the "quality" of the video is maintained to view later.  Of course this would require a hardware redesign and some additional software routines to support this request.  But I think other customers would love to see this feature.


Here is my use-case scenario:

I live up in the mountains east of Seattle where there are several ski resorts. I have 6 cameras installed at my "off-grid" cabin in the woods on 9 acres of land and use a hotspot to connect to a cell tower for internet service via ATT wireless.  I also have a backup Verizon hotspot.  I get great bandwidth with my hotspots except during ski season on weekends where the cell towers are flooded with hundreds, if not thousands of skier's phone data traffic. There are several ski resorts near my location.  During this time, usually between the hours of 10am and 5pm, when someone trespasses on my property, I don't have a video record of the event since no video is uploaded nor saved locally.  Often under low bandwidth condtions, I get the dreaded "black" video or no notification of an event trigger by motion.  This is a problem for obvious reasons. 


I have the cameras to monitor my property while I am away and when I am there as well.  I love how I can use replacable batteries and solar to keep them operational as much as possible. This great for me living off-grid.  However, it would even be better if you offered a solution when the internet is slow or down to capture video triggered by motion with the cameras of these events as well.

Again, having video store locally would solve this problem as a backup solution when the internet is slow or down altogether for whatever reason.  It would be great if the product team would consider this.



New Neighbor

Feature Request: Bulk Video Download

Really need the ability to bulk download videos in some way.  

My neighborhood has had a spike in criminal activity.  I've had police ask me to review cameras and I am actively watching for certain things and reporting them to the police.  Part of this involved events past the 60 day retention window, so that has become annoying and as such I have started a process where I have the sensitivity turned up on my cameras which triggers a lot of motion alerts.  I won't go into details but the option to only detect people isn't sufficient(great feature though).  So I'm having to manually review all motion alert vidoes (on my iphone because the inteface for reviewing vidoes is much more robust on the iphone), I star the one's I think could be relevant for further review.   Due to the retention window, I now have to also download the starred videos locally(via the windows app).  This process of reviewing and downloading is taking hours per day and I'm struggling to keep ahead of the retention window.   Bulk download would help with this alot.  There are a few different solutions I can think of:

1.  Ability to select multiple videos in the history and click download at which point it queues them and downloads them one at a time.  I can see this being problamatic in a browser though so this might be a windows app only feature.   I don't think zipping them up into one download would work due to the size and backend processing needed to zip them up. 

2. Windows app: If I'm signed in have an optional feature that I can enable/disable that  automatically downloads/syncs all videos according to certain features/filters (maybe only starred videos) to a configured path. 

Windows app: Currently I can't even manually queue multiple downloads as your interface effectively locks until the current download finishes.   The fact I actually have to open each video and click download from the viewer instead of being able to select download from the list/grid screen is annoying too.   My understanding is  you don't provide an API for downloading in order to restrict access and keep the platform secure.   That's great but please provide a method for bulk download whatever the end result is. 

New Neighbor

Re: Feature Request: Bulk Video Download

Thank you for posting this. Bulk download is sorely needed. In fact the poor interface with history is why I am researching other brands of security cameras for our neighborhood watch.

New Neighbor

Ring spotlight camera siren

Just wishing there was a way to link the spotlight camera siren to sound when the ring alarm system alarm sounds. Should be an easy software adjustment right?
New Neighbor

Disable Ring Floodlight when Alerts are disabled.

Our Rign Floodlignt Camera is used to monitor a patio area, and the patio is busy with authorized individuals up until about midnight.  The alerts are set for 1AM to 5AM, and that setting works fine.


The problem is after dark, and before midnight.  People are present and the unit continuously senses movement and turns on the lights and starts recording.  The lights are annoying and the recordings are useless.


Has there been any software update to allow the lights & recording to be disabled at the same time alerts are disabled?  I've thought about putting a sock over the sensor, but there's got to be a better way.

New Neighbor

Feature Request: Using Motion Zones to Trigger Different Alerts

On my Spotlight Cam Wired I can choose different zones to really define where I want my alerts to come from. The problem is that each zone just triggers the same motion alert. This means the extra zones are really only used to make one custom shaped single zone.


My use case is for cameras in Front and Backyard. I want a large zone for general motion that I can have record but not trigger a motion alert and then I want a smaller zone closer to the house (or near the shed) that can trigger an alert saying someone is on the porch or approaching the shed that will also record but perhaps trigger some lights along with the recording.


I don't think this exists now, but is it in development?

New Neighbor

Battery Status

It would be nice to have battery status on the desktop version like the mobile app has...