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Ring indoor security cam 2 way not working

New Neighbor

Ring indoor security cam 2 way not working



I just set up my cam last night, but the 2 way talk isn't working. I enabled the microphone for the ring app and it's still not working. My app says it's up to date and I also tried the reset to see if that would do anything, but still nothing. I can hear fine, but the mircophone isn't working on my end. I also tried unistalling and reinstalling but it is not working

Community Manager

Re: Ring indoor security cam 2 way not working

Hey @andreiorty, are you making sure to accept the call by hitting the green phone icon, and then hitting the microphone icon to unmute yourself? You will want to make sure you are doing these two things in order to "join the call" so you can talk, and then to unmute the microphone so you can be heard. If you've done this and it's still not working, do you by any chance hear you speaking in the video playback once you end the Live View and look at your event history? Additionally, do you have another phone or tablet you can try this on to? This is to see if it's possibly just something with your phone, or the device itself. 

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