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Out of State Setup

New Neighbor

Out of State Setup

Had the camera setup once but I was not the owner, now I am. My brother was the original owner and has deleted the location from his phone. I'm trying to take it over, I'm in Arizona, the camera is at moms house in Michigan. Part of the setup says to join the Ring network. My phone can't get the router signal 2000 miles away. Is there an alternative means in which to take over ownership of the camera since I had access to it previously? ...

Community Manager

Re: Out of State Setup

Hey @ssbrewskyaz. You must be with the device in order to setup it up, as you will need to connect to the Ring setup network that is broadcasted from the device itself. Are you able to get someone else in the home that could set it up, or could you possibly allow your mom to set it up  under your account? 

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