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Iphone Not Broadcasting Audio

New Neighbor

Iphone Not Broadcasting Audio


Just purchased the Stick Up Cam Solar and installed yesterday.

My phone when in live video mode will broadcast my voice and I can hear the sounds off the mic of the camera back onto my phone.

But my fiance's iphone will not broadcast her voice to the speaker on the camera. But you can hear the sounds off of the mic on the camera to her phone.

The camera is currently updated and I have allowed acces to the mic on her Iphone. Nothing is working.


How do I resolve this?

Community Manager

Re: Iphone Not Broadcasting Audio

Hi @climb2man. What kind of iPhone does she have and what iOS is her phone running? Could you have her remove the Ring app, reboot her phone (turn it off/on), and then reinstall the Ring app? From there, have her log back in, trigger a Live View, hit the green phone icon and then tap on the microphone icon to unmute it if it looks to be muted. Let me know how this goes! Smiley Happy 

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