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Switched from Ismartalarm to Ring 2 days ago

New Neighbor

Switched from Ismartalarm to Ring 2 days ago

Hello there!


I am new in the "Ring" community. I've had for 4 years a full Ismartalarm installation in my house. I loved it! I never had problems! Until last week... Ismartalarm servers went down. I think the company is broke. What i loved about IsmartAlarm was the IFTT integration. When i bought Ring, i saw on the website "IFTT integration", i thought,  yes! thats the alarm i need! But i am dissapointed...


The only intergration is ring doorbell and a motion detection on a camera. Ring... We need much more!! stuf like if alarm is armed, or disarmed, also if i enter specific location on gps, then disarm... If i leave loctation, arm... blink hue lights when door sensor is triggered ect..


Hope the management reads this..

PS: Sorry for my bad english.

Community Manager

Re: Switched from Ismartalarm to Ring 2 days ago

Hi @niqlaz. I would suggest to look over our Feature Request Board. We have lots of ideas and suggestions for Ring that you can upvote! This is the best way to have your suggestions get to the appropriate team!

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