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Ring Doorbell Press not alerting on Alexa

New Neighbor

Ring Doorbell Press not alerting on Alexa

Hi All,


We have multiple Alexa devices in the house and now a Ring Video Doorbell3 Plus.  I cannot get the Alexa devices to alert to a doorbell press.

It worked once and has failed to do so since.   I have linked the Amazon Alexa and Ring accounts and the skill is added to Alexa, the the Ring appears in the Devices > Cameras section of the Alexa App and the Doorbell Press announcement option is on.  The Alexa show will connect to and work with the Ring if I ask "Alexa, show me front door" or similar.

I have asked via Alexa support and received a disappointing list of random links from the FAQ section that were either irrelevant or I'd already tried (and simply advised me to do the above).

Does anyone else have this issue/has anyone fixed it?