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Ring Doorbell / Alexa Issue

New Neighbor

Ring Doorbell / Alexa Issue

I am getting the following error from Alexa when I try to answer a doorbell ring ("Alexa, show me the front door"). She says "there are already several people talking to the camera." This started happening with the latest upgrade, to allow Alexa to answer the doorbell.


Do I need to say something different to Alexa or is the problem elsewhere?


It happens consistently. I have a lot of Alexa devices. My  Ring doorbell is a Ring Video Doorbell Elite. I have several Ring cameras but only this and another doorbell.


Thank you!

Community Manager

Re: Ring Doorbell / Alexa Issue

Hey @CHFoster. Could you try removing the Ring skill from Alexa, and then re-enabling it? From there and once it's re-setup, try to pull up the Live View! When asking Alexa, you can say 'Alexa, show me my ___ (Front Door, whatever you have it named in the Ring app).' If this happens again, please attach a picture or screenshot of what this message looks like please. Smiley Happy 

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