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Integrations Feature Request

New Neighbor

Re: Integrations Feature Request

I have the combo First Alert CO and Smoke detectors.
I have situations where I would like to disable JUST the CO or JUST the Smoke detection (ideally for an adjustable period of time, such 1, 2, 3 hours etc.), I realize that the detector itself may not have the capability, but the reporting to central dispatch could.

I would also like to see Alexa integration, so that a routine could be set up to announce which device is alarming to ALL of my echo devices. I have an echo in my barn and if I am working out there I would not be able to hear the ring alarm that is located in the house, but I would be able to hear Alexa.

Be able to silence the smoke alarm remotely via the ring app, without having to get out a ladder.

New Neighbor

Re: Integrations Feature Request

It will open or close the door?  I thought it just TOLD you if the door was open/closed.