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Integrations Feature Request

New Neighbor

Please make Spotlight Cam compatible with Smartthings!!!

I just spoke with Samsumg about the Spotlight Cam Wired.  They said that Version 2 is not compatible with Smartthings nor did they have any information on when or IF that would happen. 

I purchased the Ring Spotlight Cam Wired because it is listed as a compatible device with Smartthings. Please make that a true statement and not just false advertising!


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I assume that the following have the same issue:

Floodlight Cam

Spotlight Cam Mount

Stick Up Cam Battery



New Neighbor

Feature request: More control of Spotlight Cam light and camera

I don't need or want the Cam lights to come on when I'm home.  It would be nice to have a way to disable the motion sensing when I have the front door unlocked. 

More generally:

Event triggers that would turn off the lights.

Event triggers that would turn off motion detection.


In my case the front door is unlocked when I'm home, so door unlocked would be an adequate trigger. Others might want to lock the front door.  In that case the trigger might be the presence of users phones in the house.  Or a button in the app that disables the lights and or motion detection.