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Doorbell Pro, Alexa, smart plug.

New Neighbor II

Doorbell Pro, Alexa, smart plug.

Hi all.... I have set up an Alexa routine so that when `Motion` is detected on my Ring video doorbel Pro, it then turns on a Teckin smart socket, into which is plugged a floodlight.
Then set up another routine so that when " no motion" is detected for "1 minute` , then that triggers the smart socket to turn off.
So far, so good, ... When someone approaches doorbell, motion detects as it should, smart socket triggers as it should, stays on for approx 1 minute, then turns off, as it should.
Tested all the above over and over,, and it works fine.
BUT.... When someone approaches and actually presses the doorbell, the motion triggers on approach as above, but instead of turning off after 1 minute as it should do, the socket stays on,   ( Until I eventually have to turn it off manually ).

No idea what might be going on here, But any help or idea`s appreciated.