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Ring App Rich Notifications

Community Manager

Release Note: This feature is currently slow rolling, we appreciate your patience while we work to get it to all our neighbors!

Rich Notifications make it easier to see quickly what caused an event in front of your Ring Video Doorbell or Cam. When this feature is turned on, a snapshot image will be included in the push notification from your Ring app event. The small snapshot image will show what caused the event, giving you a quick preview without even having to open the app! Learn more in the details below about how to turn this feature on and how it will work. 

Note: This feature requires a Ring Protect subscription for your device. If you don't have one currently, check out this Ring Protect Plan page for more information. 


How Rich Notifications Work for Events

  • Video Doorbell Press Notifications - A snapshot image taken during the next few seconds after the Doorbell button was pressed will be included in the push notification.
  • Motion Event Notifications - A snapshot image from the motion detection event will be included with the motion event push notification.
  • Note: If you are quick to answer your event, there is a chance you may see a notification update with a snapshot image for that same event. Turning on People Only Mode for your device would help you avoid this. 

Turning On Rich Notifications in Your Ring App

  • Open the main menu in your Ring mobile app in the top left corner.
  • Select Devices and choose which Doorbell or Cam you would like to update this feature on.
  • In your device settings select Rich Notifications and toggle the feature On or Off.

How to Enlarge the Photo in your Rich Notifications

When you receive a Rich Notification you will see a small image, this is the snapshot of the event. You can enlarge this directly from the push notification. The steps for this will be different depending on what type of phone you have, learn more about how this will work for your phone's specific operating system below.

  • iOS - Tap and hold the thumbnail to open up the full-frame snapshot.
  • Android and FireOS - Drag down the thumbnail to open up the full-frame snapshot. 

Smart Watches and Rich Notifications

If you have a smart watch, such as an Apple Watch, with your Ring app connected to it, these notifications may show as multiple alerts for the same event and may include Rich Notification snapshots. At this time, the Ring app does not directly support any official smart watch integrations. We will update the Community and in this post here if this changes. 


Are you excited to use this feature? Let us know your feedback by replying to this post!

New Neighbor

This is great! Can't wait to get the update!

New Neighbor II

yes a welcome addition, look forward to it.

New Neighbor


New Neighbor

Awesome, so glad this has become a thing! Can't wait for it to hit my iPhone in the UK and everything crossed that it works with the Apple Watch. 

New Neighbor

Would I get the rich notification from cameras which have been shared with me? Would I be able to activate myself, or would this be controlled by the main user?


Will this feature be added to Rapid Ring?

Do you get the first notification and then the rich notification, or would it only be the rich notification?

New Neighbor

Does this work with the Rapid Ring app and/or just the Ring app?

New Neighbor

Will shared users have access to this feature as well? 



New Neighbor

I will love this feature! I have other devices that sent screenshots in emails. Would love to see that as well.

New Neighbor


How long before this is rolled out to everyone?



New Neighbor

I cant get this to work on my wife's phone.  There is no option for it.  I'm set up as the main user and shes set up as a shared user.  This needs to be available for shared users, not just one member of the family.

New Neighbor

When is this going to be available for everyone. I have a plan and also was part of the beta tester for this feature but still didn't get it in my ring doorbell. 

New Neighbor

This is a fantastic addition! I so appreciate the time it saves to basically instantly see what set off the alarm. It works on both Ring and Rapid Ring app alerts. 

New Neighbor

I haven't heard from anyone that this feature has actually been released and avavilable to them.


Also have not seen an actual release date or schedule of any kind from Ring indicating when it would *actually* be available.


Don't forget this original thread about this subject that has since been diverted to this shiny new more upbeat while equally unrevealing ultimately unhelpful thread-


*Note the above thread that Ring has skillfully moved away from to this thread was marked as "Solved" many months ago. It wasn't and isn't "solved".


Also notice this 'new' shinier thread without our history on this topic is unavailable to be "Subscribed" to.  So you can't subscribe and be notified of additional comments, updates, etc.  Convenient.


If this pessimism and distrust is unwarranted then my apologies. Help me change our minds by providing factual information, release dates, availability, and truths about this topic.


New Neighbor

Would also like an update a to when this will be available, we were initiailly promised this feature in the Summer, now almost three weeks ago we are told the feature is "being slow rolled", what exactly dies that mean?

New Neighbor

An excellent addition.

Makes life a whole lot easier to see what’s set off the motion alarm. Well done!





New Neighbor

Not available yet on my iPhone.

New Neighbor

I still do not have  rich notifications as an option on my phone. It would be especially useful for me since I have a smartwatch and I would potentially be able to view these rich notifications right on my wrist when they come in. Is there anything that we can do on our end to trigger this feature so that is is available to us?

New Neighbor

Unfortunatelyi had to turn the feature off. The dual notifications drove me nuts!

New Neighbor

@Riley_Ring I'm in the U.K. and still don't have this feature is it still rolling out? Also is it available on all doorbells or does it exclude any?

Community Manager

Hey neighbors! As stated in this article about this new feature, this feature is currently slow rolling out. We appreciate your patience while we work to get it to all our neighbors! New features that we release to our neighbors are on a slow rollout from time to time to ensure that all neighbors get the feature without any hiccups or loose ends. Rest assured you should recieve this in the near future.