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How it Works: Smart Lights Bridge

Community Manager

The Ring Bridge is required for your Ring Smart Light system to work, it is at the center of your setup connecting lights, Motion Sensors, and Transformers together. We've compiled a few frequently asked questions about the Bridge to help you better understand its functionality and best practices when building out your perfect Smart Light setup.


  • What is the Bridge?
    • The Bridge is the center of your Smart Light setup, allowing you to control your lights from the Ring App and create groups.
    • To learn more about your Bridge, check out this Ring Help Center article
  • Do I need more than one Bridge?
    • Our Bridge uses a long-range radio frequency network that can extend farther than wifi so one Bridge can usually cover your whole home
  • What is the signal strength (RSSI) of my Bridge and why is it important?
    • RSSI is a measurement used to show the signal strength between two wireless devices. Your Smart Light devices show two readings for this in the Device Health section within the app.
    • Ring Bridge to Router RSSI - The better this number is the farther your Bridge can extend a signal to your devices. For example, if your RSSI is -45 this is good, if it is -70 this can be bad and there is possibly too much interference between them which could cause your Bridge to fall offline. 
    • Bridge to Smart Light device RSSI - The better this number is the better your Bridge will connect to this device. Since this signal can travel farther -70 is a good reading. However, if it reads -90 there maybe too much interference between them which could cause the device to fall offline. 
    • Check out this Community article for more information about your Smart Lighting device RSSI
  • Where is a good place to install my Bridge? 
    • You want the Bridge as close to the wifi source as possible to gain a strong signal, but also as close to the middle of your Smart Light setup as possible. 
    • Not Covered - try to avoid having it covered or hidden away in cabinets, closets, or in my case under a metal desk. Give it space to get the signal out, the metal desk I had mine under kept it from giving my lights the signal they deserve to keep my balcony bright.
    • Move It - once the lights are set up, you can move the Bridge around to see if there is a better location to gain the strongest signal all your Smart Light devices. 
  • Can the Ring Bridge work on a Chime Pro Wifi network?
    • Not currently, we will keep you updated if this changes. 
  • Do other Ring devices talk to the Ring Bridge? 
    • No. Only Ring Smart Lighting uses the Bridge today. 
  • What happens if I have to replace my Bridge? Will all the lights need to be setup again?

    • Nope! Once you setup one Bridge, the lights know to connect to whatever Bridge is setup at that location. They can be changed if there is an issue without having to start the setup from scratch each time.