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How To: Share a Ring Device Video Link

Community Manager

I currently have a Spotlight Cam Wired at my house. Not only am I able to monitor my home, I also capture lots of fun animals walking by and even goofy videos of my friends. We'd love to see some of your fun and unique videos shared within the Community. In order to share your video, we wanted to give you the best steps for you to retrieve the URL of your favorite Ring device videos. Below are the main ways you can do this from your Ring app and on 


Ring App (iOS and Android)

  1. Open your Ring app and tap the menu in the top left corner of the main screen.
  2. Tap “History.”
  3. Open the video you would like to share.
  4. Click the share icon in the bottom right corner of the play screen.
  5. Select the emailing option.
  6. This will open a new email message on your phone with the link in the body of it. 
  7. Tap and hold on the link to copy it.
  8. Now you are ready to paste that video link wherever you want it seen! Account

  1. Log into your Ring account online. 
  2. Go to your device history. 
  3. Select a video from the list.
  4. Click button in the top right corner of the video labeled “Share.”
  5. Click “Get Link.”
  6. Click “Copy to Clipboard.”
  7. Now you are ready to paste that link wherever you would like to share it.