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Round One: Mind Over Madness!

Community Manager

Round One: Mind Over Madness!

The Community is about to be overrun with posts from neighbors chatting all about their products. Some will have questions and others will just want to discuss how their setup compares with others. Our first portion of the Ring Madness contest will mimic this scenario, you will respond to the posts for points.


We will begin posting the questions at 5 pm PDT today within the product boards. The first person with a correct answer will be marked as so. They will receive the “Main Points”, however you can also receive bonus points even after the post has a correct answer.


Point Outline:

  • Main Points - each post will be labeled with how much points they are worth
  • 5 layups each worth 2 points
  • 3 pointer each worth 3 points
  • 1 slam dunk worth 1-4 points (creative open ended long answer question)
  • Bonus points - you can earn bonus points for creative answers and extra helpful answers e.g. if you include step by step helpful tips or a link to a help doc with more information.


The point of the answers are to be helpful, educated and knowledgeable! Please leave a comment below with any questions.


The fine print:

Round One is officially over. We are no longer accepting any responses.

Thank you for your participation! Head on over to Round Two, to continue the fun!


Community Manager

Re: Round One: Mind Over Madness!

Thank you to all the amazing neighbors that participated in Round One of Ring Madness! The scores are in and we are excited to give you the 4 main contenders as of 5PM PDT tonight.


Ring Madness Leaderboard


Current Score










Important reminder! There are still four more rounds for everyone to gain points. The top four winners at the end of Ring Madness will win some fun Ring themed prizes. So get out there in the Community and be ready for Round Two starting tomorrow.

Community Manager

Re: Round One: Mind Over Madness!

Great job! @Danielhrch @Schpeen @JWhitler @ghvz1 

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