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How to: Post in the Community

Community Manager

How to: Post in the Community

One of the main focuses for the Community is to give our amazing neighbors a place to connect and talk about their Ring devices together. This is why we wanted to outline some guidelines for what boards to post in and how to best keep the conversation going!

Board Overview

There are seven boards dedicated to specific Ring devices and topics. When posting it is best to pick which board best fits the item you want to discuss or ask a question about. This will help others find your post and engage with you on the topic.


The best way to choose a board is to think of what device or item must be used by someone for them to be involved in the conversation.


  • News and Announcements - Read about the latest Ring news, events and announcements.
  • Community - Ask questions or give feedback related to the Community forum specifically, such as contests or board topic options themselves. This board is not meant for any device conversation.
  • Feature Requests - Submit any ideas and feedback you have on our Ring products, applications, systems and anything else Ring related! We’ll make sure to pass on this information to our teams and our neighbors can Kudo your ideas!
  • Ring Alarm - Discuss all Ring Alarm products and accessories, this is also a great place to discuss professional monitoring or Alarm specific integrations.
  • Security Cams - This board is ideal for discussing different Ring Security Cam features or posting the interesting things your Cam has caught.
  • Video Doorbells - Each neighbors experience with their Doorbell is different depending on where their door is or which device they have. This is where you want to post fun Doorbell videos or share your experience with your specific Doorbell set up.  
  • Accessories - Chat about how any of our accessories have helped with your devices or ask the Community if they think a certain accessory will help with your unique setup.
  • Smart Lights - There are so many ways to use Ring Smart Lights for your unique layout needs, this is a great place to share tips and tricks based on your findings or to ask other neighbors about theirs.
  • Ring App - Our app is the main hub where you can control and see what is happening with all your devices. As you use it with new products and different setups, share with your neighbors how you use the app for your needs.
  • General Questions - Not sure where to post your question or concern? Here’s a great place to start as you get comfortable.
  • Ring Integrations - Smart homes are complex and different for everyone, the way you integrate your Ring devices in yours would be a fun topic for us all to learn more, discuss, and compare.


How to tag your post - Each forum allows you to tag your posts to make them easier to find. For example: If you post about your Video Doorbell 2 in the Video Doorbell board you will want to tag it as such. This way other Video Doorbell 2 owners can find posts that relate most to them.


How to reply to posts - when replying to someone you will hit the reply button in the bottom right corner of their post. Note: tagging them in your reply is a great way to confirm they see it.


How to tag someone - type the “@” symbol and search the username of who you would like to call out. Usually a list will show up below as well with all usernames of people who have posted in that thread. This also makes it easier, if a sub-conversation begins in comments, to move it into its own post.

What to post - it is great to include as many details as possible for discussion topics. Include details about the area surrounding the device if motion sensing is involved, or if there are a few devices involved, call out the specific ones used. Reminder that this is not a help forum, so please only post discussion topics or questions you want other neighbors to interact with. Call support if you feel your device is not acting as it should.

New Neighbor

Re: How to: Post in the Community

Where do I find posts for my community? Lost dog, mowers, etc.......

New Neighbor II

Re: How to: Post in the Community

@bobkim53 wrote:

Where do I find posts for my community? Lost dog, mowers, etc.......

Ah, you are probably referring to the RIng's "Neighbors" feature, not this Ring Community website. 


Use your smart-phone and click on the blue Neighbors icon located on your Dashboard.   You can view or make posts for your location area, and even attach Ring videos/pictures.  Also by clicking on the neighborhood setting "Gear" icon in the upper right corner, you can modify "Neighborhood Area" to vary the radius around your location.  The "Notification Preferences" can make additional modifications to the types you see (safety, unexpected activity, crime, lost pet, and neighborly movement).  Smiley Happy