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iOS App Alert Tones Not Updating

New Neighbor

iOS App Alert Tones Not Updating

The power went out at my house and when my Ring system rebooted, the app alert tones on my phone no longer update to the corresponding floodlight cams. 


All it says is "Motion at your Floodlight Cam" instead of "Motion in the Sideyard" or "Motion in the Backyard".



Community Manager

Re: iOS App Alert Tones Not Updating

Hi @DL1! Try removing and reinstalling the Ring app on your mobile device. Once completed, please visit your Camera's device settings to change the device name. From the Ring dashboard, open the Menu, select Device, and choose a Camera. From the designated Camera page in the Ring app, select Device Settings, and then select General Settings. There you will be able to change your device name. Try retyping and saving, or even changing, to see if this change will have the proper announcement. 


I recommend also checking the alert tones settings for your Cameras, to ensure they are set to the desired announcement setting. Feel free to let us know how this goes! Smiley Happy 

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