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Ring app slow to load

New Neighbor

Re: Ring app slow to load

This only became a problem over the past few months and recently, Ring has become worthless to me.  I've called support about the app taking an intolerable amount of lime to load on my phone and really got no help at all.  I have a great wi-fi connection (400mbps), a great RSSI (51) rating yet still it takes forever to load the app on my android phone.  I get these messages:

     Loading your Dashboard  (this message pops-up immediatly for a couple of seconds)

     This is taking longer that expected... (this message reamins for minutes)


I was planning to acquire additional Ring products but there is no way I will based on this issue.  I have come to the conclusion that I need to find another vendor that provides better performance and and will write off the cost of the Ring dorbell as a bad investment.


I too have experienced that it takes so long for ring to respond that if I dont look out a window to see who's at the door, I'll never get to them by relying on ring.