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Ring App "Motion Snooze" recommendation for your Developers

New Neighbor

Ring App "Motion Snooze" recommendation for your Developers

Just a quick idea for you Ring folks to please consider.  A master motion snooze option.  I just got of the phone with tech support and they concluded there's no master motion snooze option that I'm trying to find.  (I have not tried to research this ability based upon my recent tech call and their conclusion, so if there's an option for this please someone direct me to it) 


What I'm suggesting (and I can't believe it's not an option already) is that there's an option to completely motion snooze the doorbell and flood cams.  My household has 3 persons that use the app (wife and son), with me being the main creator/ user.  If I'm doing say yard work or something else around the house, I can motion snooze MY app, but my wife and son still get annoying motion detection notifications on their phones until I'm done with yard work (usually 15-20+ notifications). 


It seems to me that there should be some way to completely disable the motion notifications for whatever around the house need someone has (yard work, washing the car, painting the house, etc., etc.).  I think the account holder should be able to master motion snooze cameras and etc. as needed.  


Anyway, I like the cameras so far, but have found this lack of an overiding motion snooze option to be quite annoying.  Please consider my suggestion. 

Community Manager

Re: Ring App "Motion Snooze" recommendation for your Developers

We'll share your feedback @FJkai !

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