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Ring App Feature Request

New Neighbor II

Need a better way to see all devices battery levels displayed on one page of dashboard.

There is a desparate need for a one page dashboard solution to the battery levels of all devices to be dispalyed on one page of the dashboard at once. It is a major time-consuming pain to try and keep up with all of them, when, like us, you have many (13+) battery powered devices, and to have to try and do it all from the small screen. Especially when, like us, you are over 35 (60+) trying to work with a small phone app, even with a 6" smart phone screen. HELP SOLVE THIS NIGHMARE ISSUE! We're in hell now!

New Neighbor

Schedule times when recording is off.

I see that alerts can be turned off, but I would also like to turn off all recording during designated times, such as the hours of drop-off and pick-up for the school on my street. These are triggering dozens to hundreds of recordings, and are certainly decreasing the lifespan of my device (Spotlight Cam Wired) . I have already minimized the size of the motion zones, and I do want to capture cars, so don't want to turn on "People Only". Thank you!

New Neighbor

Bulk download videos

Given the 60 second limitation on video recordings (which doesn't seem to be disappearing any time soon), downloading each individual video is a complete nightmare.


I tried to add my voice to the Ring App feature request thread where it has been posted previously, but that thread was recently closed to new posts.


And rather than just the app, it would also be great to be able to download videos from the browser in bulk, by date, or type, either queued or zipped (obviously with filename timestamp).


Has anyone been able to find a workaround, or do we have to wait till this feature is brought in?


Thanks in advance.


New Neighbor

Neighbors App

The NEIGHBORS App is not availabel in Canada.

Does anybody know why or when it will become available in Canada? I think it will be a great feature for all RING users.

New Neighbor

App Idea

A couple ideas for the App:

1: Smart TV intergration. Be nice if I could use my smart tv to view my cameras. Especially the doorbell when it rings. Or when the little ones are outside, Lots of peeps watch tv, so this could be benificial. Plus the larger screen all the better to see you with. Could be a lite version. that would only trigger on the doorbell push button or by demand, so when watching the latest movie you wouldn't be interupted by a popup.

2. The panic button in the phone app. Would be nice to have a way to add it to you home screen on your phone for quicker access.  Off course you would have to verify you want to send the alert like in the normal app and use the slider, but when time is of an essence and every second counts, a faster way to send the alert.

3: Silent alarm mode from the app. Just like the durres code on the keypad, a way to trigger an alert, but silent.

4: A personal alarm feature on your phone. A button you could push to sound off a siren, and even alert monitoring that you need help. Would work off the phones gps. Could also add a silent mode.  Could be an add on to your current subscription. And even add a keyfob button to press tat would activate it.

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