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Full Screen Live View Ring App Updates

Community Moderator

Full Screen Live View Ring App Updates

Hi neighbors! You may have noticed that your Ring app has gone through some recent improvements to bring a better live event notification experience to you. We wanted to share some details about what to expect with these updates. 


“Open Full Screen” Feature Update 

Previously, when you had the ‘Full Screen’ feature toggled on, any event notification you received while in the app would immediately open to full screen Live View. Now with our “In-App Notification” feature toggled off, any event notification you receive while in the app will immediately open to Live View. It is the same feature as before with updated wording. It will work as described below:

  • "In-App Notification” toggled off - if you have the Ring app open, and an event occurs with your Ring camera, Live View will begin streaming immediately. 
  • “In-App Notification” toggled on - a notification banner will show at the top of your phone while you have the app open, simply tap that banner to open Live View.

Live Event Notification Update

How live event notifications open on your phone or tablet will depend on if you have the Timeline feature toggled on in your Ring app. Whether tapping an event notification in the app or on your phone’s lock screen, the view will be as follows:

  • If the event that triggered your device is still occurring and your Ring camera is still streaming, the app will open to the live event. The view will look different depending on the position you’re holding your phone or tablet.
    • Vertical View - you will see Live View in the Timeline and there will be a microphone icon below the video. Tap this icon to speak through your device.
    • Horizontal View - will show Live View in full screen, you can tap the green phone icon to speak through your device.
  • If your Ring camera is no longer streaming the event that triggered your device, the app will open directly to that recorded event in the Timeline (if you are subscribed to a Protect Plan).

Reply to this post to let us know what you think of latest Live View updates for your Ring app, we will share your feedback directly with the team. Thanks!






New Neighbor

Re: Full Screen Live View Ring App Updates

Can you please explain in plain language how to make Ring App (iOS and Android) open full screen live view on motion and someone ringing the bell?

(Automatically, without clicking on in-app notification)

(toggling on/off the in-app notification on iOS doesn`t do anything, no full screen live view)

use case = Ring Video Monitor on a Tablet that turns on when there is an event and off when there is nothing

New Neighbor

Re: Full Screen Live View Ring App Updates

my app was toggled off and nothing happened when my bell was rung. no notification and no full screeen.
Community Manager

Re: Full Screen Live View Ring App Updates

Hey @hotlurve ! If you had "In-App Notifications" toggled off, and you were actively in the app when the bell was rung, you should've seen a full screen view of the event. If you are not in the app, then you will receive a notification as normal. Being notified whilst not in the app will still depend on your ring and motion alert toggles being enabled in the app. Hope this helps!

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