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Be very careful what you post in Neighbors

New Neighbor

Be very careful what you post in Neighbors

My next door neighbor rang my door to warn me that they had just chased off a red fox in their back yard which seemed to like the area behind their shed. It had killed a squirel and was in the process of eating it.


She warned me to make sure that I didn't let our 12 pound Bichon out unattended.


I know I'd seen posts in the neighbor's section warning pet owners about encroaching wildlife, so I put in a quick post about the situation warning people to watch their pets outside.


Big mistake.


So ... when you post to neighbors, be very careful what you post and think very carefully about the harassment it might generate.

New Neighbor

Re: Be very careful what you post in Neighbors

For future reference, you can flag other neighbors’ posts or comments as inappropriate from within the neighbors feed.