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24-Hr Locked Account after wrong password attempts

New Neighbor

24-Hr Locked Account after wrong password attempts

I just signed up with Ring a month ago, and today accidentally managed to get locked out of my account by incorrecting inputting my password 3 times.  In calling customer support for help, I'm told that for the next 24 hours there is nothing anyone can do to get me back into my Ring device.  


This alone will make me reconsider buying another Ring product.  What good is this security device if Ring can't re-verify me over the phone and let me back into my monitoring capabilities, leaving me unable to utilize the product for a full day?  

Community Manager

Re: 24-Hr Locked Account after wrong password attempts

Hey @stargrove99. Thank you for sharing your feedback on your experience with our system here. I apologize that you were stuck in this 24-hour lock out period from the incorrect password being input, but this measure is for your security. I recommend changing your password if you have tried it incorrectly twice, or ensuring you are staying logged in on the Ring app on your mobile phone. You will see need to log in more often if accessing Ring from the website, but this should help when you need to look into your information on the app! 


Please note that the email address and password you use for is the same for your Community account as well, so please ensure you follow this same kind of process when logging into the Community, as we don't want you getting locked out of here either! I will make sure to pass on your experience and feedback to the appropriate teams so we can look into any improvements we can make for our neighbors for the future. 

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