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Terrible customer service...

New Neighbor

Terrible customer service...

I've been trying to return an order for 2 weeks now...the Ring Cams will NOT notifiy you if they go offline which, from my perspective, is crazy. As such, I am returning the spotlight cams and the full Ring security system inside of my return window. 


I initiated this return over 2 weeks ago; within a few days, they sent me a pre-paid shipping label. I used this label on the original box used by Ring to ship me the order. After a few days the Post Office returned the box saying they could not accept that shipping label as the package had Lithium must be shipped by ground. 


I've had 3 different support people and 1 supervisor over the course of the past 8 days promise me that I'd be getting the ground shipping label sent out in "24-48 hours" or "you'll have it tomorrow"....and yet here I am, still without a way to ship the order back. 


As I write this, I've been on the phone with Ring (mostly on hold) for 51 minutes and counting. No manager or VP is available to speak with me. They are now telling me to NOT return the 3 extra lithium batteries, and to use the original pre-paid air postage and they will refund all of my money....I can keep the batteries. Wow, ok. Seems like sending a ground shipping label should be much easier and more cost effective, but whatever.


I will say the people with whom I've spoken have been very nice and curtious....but Ring's systems and processes are seriously bad.


Sorry Ring, you've lost this customer and I'd sure have trouble suggesting to anyone that they should purchase your products...

Community Manager

Re: Terrible customer service...

Sorry to hear about your experience, @olbiii . Unfortunately, this is not a support forum and we are unable to help further. Please continue to work with our support team in getting your devices sent back. Feel free to check out our Community Guidelines if you have further questions. Thank you for your patience. 

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New Neighbor

Re: Terrible customer service... was more an attempt to elevate the awareness within Ring of the poor customer experience.

New Neighbor II

Re: Terrible customer service...

Their service IS terrible, I don’t know why they opened a community support forum if all they’re going to do is us it to hire soccer moms to post silly videos and nag at people they don’t like because we’re providing REAL FEEDBACK to the company and bringing their faults to light


Re: Terrible customer service...

It's not a support forum. This is a community to help each other if possible. Customer support is customer support. I mod for a cellphone manufacturer. I hear the same thing there. If you want customer support, you have to call them. If the support isn't good to you I'd complain to them or corporate. Sometimes you need to go to the top. Believe me, it works.