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Serious Safety Flaw - please correct!

New Neighbor

Re: Serious Safety Flaw - please correct!

I found this thread while searching for a solution to this issue of delay.


It is clear to me that Ring designed it this way and doesn't see a problem with it. I'm just here to post that this is a problem and that this isn't how a lot of people want their motion sensors to behave.


After a Ring motion sensor detects motion, it essentially goes dead for four minutes, so any motion is completely ignored for four minutes after an initial motion detection. I don't see how Ring thinks this is a good design. But they do think this, and at the very least they should give people an option to change this.


I am using motion sensors to trigger routines with Alexa. These routines need to run every single time a motion is detected, even if the motions occur 30 seconds apart. Paralyzing the routines for four minutes makes the routines useless. Probably makes a lot of motion-based routines useless.


Hopefully Ring will fix this some day.

New Neighbor II

Re: Serious Safety Flaw - please correct!

I agree 100%. Having a motion sensor go 'dead' after detecting motion is just plain dumb. The only thing  I can think of is they do this to preserve battery life. I also agree that this should be an option that can be changed by the user.


Can anyone at Ring give us a clear explanation of the logic behind making motion sensors go dead for 3-4 minutes after detecting motion? And why can't you just update the software/firmware to make it a user setting?


Example setting I'd love to see:


After inital motion detection, pause addtional motion detection for:

a) 0 seconds

b) 30 seconds

c) 1 minute

d) 2 minutes

e) 3 minutes

Note: Setting a lower pause time may impact battery life.

New Neighbor II

Re: Serious Safety Flaw - please correct!






Any comments?

New Neighbor II

Re: Serious Safety Flaw - please correct!


Your suggestion that users protect all points of entry with contact sensors is inadequate. I have 14 posible points of entry at my home. Also, contact sensors do not protect windows - it is easy to simply break a window and crawl through.  Your motion sensors NEED to change or you will begin to loose business

I am currently researching another supplier for replacement of my existing Ring sensors.

I am over-invested (time and money) in the Ring system and would hate to scrap the entire system.

One of two things WILL happen:

1. Ring will fix the firmware - soon, or

2. I and many others will acquire a different system.


Note to others who believe that this is a problem.I will post if I find a satisfactory replacement sensor


New Neighbor

Re: Serious Safety Flaw - please correct!

Before you waste more precious time, the Ring base station may recognize third party motion sensors, but only for the purpose of triggering an Alexa routine or something like that.


Ring will not actually trip your alarm or summon help for a break in unless the trigger is a Ring brand sensor. So if the dead period between motion detections is a deal breaker (it is for me) then your only option is to find another alarm system. Expecting Ring to do anything about this is wishful thinking.  So don't spend your time looking for alternate sensors to work with Ring, invest the time looking for an alternate system that doesn't have this dumb blind spot.

New Neighbor II

Re: Serious Safety Flaw - please correct!

Agreed. Sigh. I'm on wait to speak to a Rep to see if I can get a definitive answer as to why the motion sensors go DEAD for 3-4 minutes after the first motion sense event.


Would Ring be liable if someone has an adverse event when their system says 'you are protected' when you are actually not? Just wondering...

New Neighbor II

Re: Serious Safety Flaw - please correct!

Kind of disappointed that we can't get




to reply  - seems like this thread is getting ignored.


I've been a loyal Amazon customer since 2001! Hoping that their (to date) great customer service is not going the way of most others...

New Neighbor II

Re: Serious Safety Flaw - please correct!

Spoke to nice Rep named Keith at about 7:45 pm EST. He said that the system is programmed that way to:

1. Preserve battery life

2. To avoid false alarms  - Example: If a customer had their 'garage' motion set to trigger an alarm when in 'away' mode - and they then set Ring to 'away' (with a zero second delay), and left through  the garage, the alarm would trigger. Makes sense - BUT - the onus should be on the CUSTOMER to program their system correctly. This 'blanket solution' makes no sense and makes me feel very uncomfortable about this system.


Our previous alarm (that we had for 12 years) would arm motion sensors IMMEDIATELY upon activating 'away'. Never had an issue.


Hate to say it , but I think this is a 'money' setting (false alarms cost Ring money in time lost).


Same thing as the (not sure if everyone knows it) setting that does NOT alert the monitoring station for at least 30 SECONDS when the alarm is triggered (again - a cost savings issue?). 


Again, with our previous system, a triggered alarm would result in a phone call from the monitoring station in less than 30 seconds - not 60-90.



Community Manager

Re: Serious Safety Flaw - please correct!

The thread is not getting ignored and all information continues to be sent over to the team. We will update you with any information as it comes in.  Also, please check out and ensure you are following all Community Guidelines. Thank you!

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New Neighbor II

Re: Serious Safety Flaw - please correct!



Thanks for replying. Not trying to be negative - overall we love our Ring System. Checked the Community Guidelines and I did contact Support first on this issue (see my posts about what I discovered). Hope you don't think I fall under any of the other categories!


I'm just very concerned about this issue (as it seems are many others) - including the Support people I've talked to about it. Would appreciate a response from your design/engineering team saying why the 3-4 minute 'dead' time is imposed between motion sensing events.


And if it can be changed so that it is User controlled.