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Ring Alarm Feature Update 1/6/20

Community Manager

Ring Alarm Feature Update 1/6/20

Hello Alarm neighbors, we have some exciting new features available for you this month! It’s our goal to always keep you up to date with what we’ve added to your system. See the details below and please reply to this post with any questions you may have.


  • Duress Code Testing
    • When resetting or creating a new Duress Code, you’re now able to perform a one time test of the Duress Code. You will receive an automated call from the monitoring center to know if the code went through.  
  • SOS Medical
    • The Ring Alarm SOS feature is expanding to include requests for medical dispatch. You can now request medical response to your from your Ring app to your professionally monitored Ring Alarm location. 
      • When requesting your Base Station will pulse red and announce ”medical emergency response is requested” every 30 seconds until you disarm or tap “Cancel Help”.

Find this feature by opening Ring app, then tapping the red shield in the top right corner on the main dashboard.Find this feature by opening Ring app, then tapping the red shield in the top right corner on the main dashboard.Note: These features are only available with Professional Monitoring activated in the US and Canada. 


Have questions or feedback? Please reply to this post and let us know what you think.

New Neighbor III

Re: Ring Alarm Feature Update 1/6/20

How do you access these features? I can't find them?


Is this another "we are rolling them out so you have to wait months" scenario? :-(

Community Manager

Re: Ring Alarm Feature Update 1/6/20

Hi @CrazyCat! The Duress code testing feature will only be available if you are resetting the code or creating it for the first time. If you already have your code set up, you can follow these steps to reset it and then test it:
- Open up the Ring app and go to the main menu
- Select Settings and then Users
- Select your name under Owner, and then Reset Duress code
- Once you reset the code, enter I AGREE
- Tap "Save" at the top right on the following page, then you'll get access to the Duress code testing

For the Ring Alarm SOS feature, you can access this by taking the following steps:
- Open the Ring app and ensure you are on the dashboard
- At the top right select the red shield icon with a white exclamation point in the middle

If you are unable to see these features, please make sure you are accessing the Ring app from the owner's account, have a Ring Protect Plus Plan subscription and that you have Professional Monitoring activated on your account.

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