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Product Update: Alarm 4/3

New Neighbor

Re: Product Update: Alarm 4/3


I would like to know how to deal with smoke/co listeners triggering during cooking. The alarm would be set to “disarmed” or “home” mode. Cooking sometimes sets off the smoke detectors.  What actions do I take to prevent false dispatches? Is there a way to put the smoke listeners into a temporary sleep mode? How much time do I have to turn off the alarm after it triggers to prevent a false dispatch?

Community Moderator

Re: Product Update: Alarm 4/3

Hello @YK2000! As of right now there is no sleep mode for the Smoke/ Co listeners. If cooking is presenting a potential false alarm scenario, moving the detector away from the kitchen would be the best solution.


When it comes to dispatch for a smoke alarm, the professional monitoring station will call the emergency contact(s) first before dispatching emergency services.

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