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How it Works: Alarm Keypad Lights in Detail

New Neighbor

Re: How it Works: Alarm Keypad Lights in Detail

We have a problem with our Ring alarm, in that the backlight for the numbers (with powersave OFF) won't stay illuminated.  This results in our shared users having trouble seeing the numbers in poorly lit rooms.  Here's an example...

Notice that the poor guy is entering a PIN, then pressing 'ARM' by mistake, as he can't see the numbers or buttons clearly enough.  Eventually, he runs out of time in which he has to enter his PIN and press 'Disarm', before the system enters an 'alarming' state.

How can we get the backlight on the numbers to remain on at all times when the countdown to building entry begins?

Neighbor II

Re: How it Works: Alarm Keypad Lights in Detail

Sadly there is no way to light the buttons for disarm and such. I have tried my keypad with power saving on and it seems to keep the keypad lit when you touch a button to start. With power save off my keypad will turn off if I stop moving in front of it. I usually just wave my hand in front to make it lite up. So, maybe power saver on may work better. You'd have to try to see. There is no other options.
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