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First Contact Extension Number

New Neighbor

First Contact Extension Number

I've installed the Ring Alarm System in my office.  When I did initial setup the first contact accepted an extension number i.e. 999-999-9999 x999  however when I just did a test, the call went all the way to the last (third) contact.  I checked the number for first contact and now see that it will not accept an extension number!


This Can't be true;  these are being marketed to businesses, don't most small businesses, these days,  have a phone system with an auto attendant???


How do I get the system to call the office that's alarming and dial an extension to ring phones within the office?   otherwise there will be no way to verify or cancel an alarm with our verbal password.


Is there a workaround or patch?


thanks for your assistance,

Steve Miller

Community Manager

Re: First Contact Extension Number

Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us @StevenLMiller! At this time, the emergency contacts support standard length phone numbers. This is great feedback, especially for a business environment, and it will be shared with our Alarm team. For now, I recommend using standard phone lines for your contacts, which can be updated anytime, for the quickest monitoring experience. We will certainly keep the Community updated with any updates on this process! Smiley Happy 

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